Do you provide free technical support for hosting and web development support to your clients ?

Yes, we will assist you with all technical matters related to our hosting services immediately (24/7 basis). System related problems are also fixed on urgent basis. When there is a major server or network level issue, the up-to-date information about the problem will be displayed on our support system NEWS section. When you submit your first ticket we will creatte a free support login for you to receive help for any issue.

Additional support like developing a website using our scripts or software or setting up your online store using our Opencart or any other platform software is available freely. That means you can create your website or open a store without any extra cost apart from your hosting fees.

Programming and script development support is also provided to some extent freely. For example you might send us questions about ASP database connectivity or PHP mysql connectivity or any other feature of web development. We will try to provide a solution for your problem free of cost. However we will charge extra if you want us to develop a complete application for your purpose.

Some of our web hosting packages contain totally freely website development and yearly maintenance deal. For details reffer to hosting package or contact us.

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