Job as a Web Developer & Marketing Executive.

Work as a Web Developer & Marketing Executive.


This work must be done full time. The employees must be graduate in any field (CS preferred) and have good basic computer skills.

Must have good communication skills in Bangla and English.

Must be able to speak in English to work for USA clients in night shift. Extra benefit available.


Website development for clients using WordPress.

Online shop development for clients using Opencart.

(Training will be given.)

Giving support to clients for full year. mainly by phone, email, ticket system etc.

Customer site visit during signup / setup for free.

Customer site visit cost TK 500 for addition visits after development is done.

Employee has to spend upto 50% of weekly time on giving old client support and companies asset management like portals, data and billing management etc.

We own and other ecommerce portals.

This work must be full time. The employees must be graduate and have good basic completer skills.

Must have good communication skills in Bangla and English.


Promoting our products and services to new clients using email, telephone, advertisement online and offline media etc.

Calling clients in Bangladesh by looking phone numbers in directories like and

Calling clients in the USA using their directory. Optional.

Working in either day shift of night shift to manage BD or USA clients. Optional.


50% commission on all sales. 

Plus 50% lifetime commission on all customer renewals every year. So if you earn TK 100000 on first year, you can earn double in second year.

$50 or TK 4000 monthly cash salary will be given to select qualified executives.

Telemarketing and convenience fees will have to be bared with this money. More can be allowed depending on situation.

% commission and monthly salary is negotiable from time to time.


You must complete 4 projects costing TK5000 each per month. So you will earn Tk20000 for company and you will have half of it. The rest half will be used for company operations, marketing in media and after all expenses, if there is any profit, employees will be given bonus depending on his performance per month.


Suppose you are getting Tk100000 as comission per year. If you want to leave the company, you will still continue to get the commission as long as your clinet stays with our company. You can also sell that comission account to another person, inside or outside the company. This is negotiable & dependent on Admin.

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